Michelle Schirra

Michelle Schirra is a 25 year fitness and nutrition enthusiast, IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor, wife, mother and clinical nutritionist. Health and fitness is her passion, one she’s actively pursued by helping others to change their lives for over 20 years.
Michelle grew up in Houston, Texas and graduated from the University of Houston in 1989.  She holds a Masters of Science & Nutrition from La Salle University, Louisiana. With an interest in fitness and nutrition, she began competing in 1991 and opened a gym company in Colorado in 1994. She holds several fitness titles (i.e., Ms. Northern Colorado Fitness in 1994; Ms. Fitness Arizona 1994; National title holder Ms. Fitness 1997).
She currently works with patients to help trim weight, promote fitness, and nutritionally help correct problems due to diabetes, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, pain, food allergies, as well as a number of other conditions.
Michelle reides with her two children and her dog, Jack.

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