Balance and Vestibular Clinic

Most people don’t find it difficult to walk across a gravel driveway, transition from walking on a sidewalk to grass, or get out of bed in the middle of the night without stumbling. However, with impaired balance such activities can be extremely fatiguing and sometimes dangerous. Symptoms that accompany the unsteadiness can include dizziness, vertigo, hearing and vision problems, and difficulty with concentration and memory.

The vestibular system – an inner ear sensory mechanism that detects movement of the head and helps to control balance – can sometimes be at fault.

Forty percent of people over the age of 40 experience dizziness due to a vestibular deficit. The Balance and Vestibular Center at Wellhealth Medical in West Hills, CA designs individualized treatment programs to improve balance, reduce fall risks, limit dizziness and increase functional mobility.

A health care team knowledgeable in balance and vestibular (inner ear) dysfunction provides testing to identify the cause of a balance problem. Because of advances in testing and research, the Wellhealth vestibular team can accurately identify the cause of vestibular deficits and apply effective rehabilitation techniques to reduce dizziness and improve function.

The program consists of:
• Initial evaluation by a physician.
• Testing to help identify the cause of the balance  problem.
• Individualized exercise program.
• Education related to specific diagnosis, safety and fall risk, physical therapy rationale, and treatment.
• Referral for occupational therapy to address issues of activities of daily living (writing, bathing, dressing and cooking) when necessary.