What Will be Expected of You.

You may be asked to make changes in food choices, eating patterns, take nutritional, homeopathic or herbal supplements, and exercise. It may be suggested you go through a detoxification program, or try different medical modalities including hands-on body work modalities, or any one of many other modalities. You probably will be asked to participate in testing, some of which you will do at home. Some may involve laboratory testing, while others may involve testing at a medical laboratory, among other things.

You may be asked to make changes in the way you eat, think, feel, and experience life. You are an important part of this process. Your role is important. You are asked to participate in the process fully. The benefits are tremendous and you will see effects ripple out into your relationships with yourself and others.

"If we accept that the human body is an energy-driven, energy-sensitive system, that is in dynamic interaction with all of its surroundings, then illness may be seen as communication from some level to a level of conscious awareness. Once awareness occurs, it allows a person to begin a process of understanding the influences that collectively led to the illness. Illness in this context may be seen as a vehicle for transformation." Functional Medicine: An Integrative Approach to Health Care, Jeffrey Bland, PhD., Buck Levin Ph.d, R.D., and Michael A. Schmidt, D.C. 1997