Exercise Program Guidance

Remember the saying 'use it or lose it?' Well, unfortunately Americans make up the majority of those in the 'lose it' category. They are losing their health and vitality and rapidly gaining weight. Over two decades of research has shown that physical deterioration and lack of function associated with aging is due, in large part, to a sedentary lifestyle.

Loss of health and vitality and rapid weight gain can lead to an increased incidence of degenerative disease as people age. It can also contribute to breast and colon cancer, as well as to heart disease, hypertension, stroke, arthritis, diabetes and obesity.

But it's never too late to change that situation! Clinical evidence has shown that people at any age, or in any state of dysfunction, can benefit.

We'll let you in on a little secret: starting to exercise can be difficult, but it can become addictive -in the very best way possible! Let us give you a hand getting started on the three components of fitness: aerobic exercise, strength/weight training, and flexibility.