Immunizations & Vaccinations

Do you have questions like these?

  • Is it okay for my baby to have so many shots at once?
  • Don't infants have natural immunity?
  • Haven't we gotten rid of most of these diseases in this country?
  • I heard that some vaccines can cause autism. Is this true?
  • Can't I just wait until my child goes to school to catch up on immunizations?
  • What is the optimal schedule for immunization?
  • Who should not get vaccinated?
Dr. Shalita is available to answer questions or address any concerns you may have on the subject of immunizations and vaccinations whether they concer childhood immunizations and vaccinations or the primary vaccine-preventable diseases affecting adults (i.e., influenza, pneumococcal infections, and hepatitis B, etc.). He also understands the issues surrounding the safety of immunization and vaccinations, and routinely participates in data surveillance.

Remember, when it comes to vaccinations, it's easier to stay up-to-date rather than to catch-up!