Body Composition Analysis based on Bio Impedance Testing

Body composition is a term that describes the different tissue types that make up a person's body weight. These include lean tissues (muscle, bone, and organs) that are metabolically active, and fat tissue that is not. Well-toned healthy muscle makes the body's metabolic furnace continually burn calories. Muscle is active tissue whereas fat just sits idly on the body.

A large majority of people want to lose weight simply because they weigh more than they should. Standing on a standard body-weight scale provides a measure of total weight, but doesn't determine the overall 'lean-to-fat' ratio of that weight which is important. 

Bio-Impedence analysis is a measure of you body and cellular health using computerized equipment to determine your fat to muscle ratios. In addition, this system which measures a number of biological markers including lean muscle tissue and the amount of fluid inside and outside the cells will result in a measurement of your biological age (e.g., how old your body is 'physiologically,' and levels of inflammation.