Clinical Nutrition

Many people who visit Dr. Shalita's office are confused about the conflicting information found in the media, or in information reported by various health authorities concerning nutrition.

Those working in the field of nutrition realize many of the concepts presented to the public have contributed to the poor health that is found within our society today. Concepts, such as the low-fat and non-fat food crazes, have robbed bodies of desperately needed nutrients. Optimal performance of metabolism has decreased just as fatigue and body fat is on the increase. As a consequence, people arrive at our office misinformed, overweight, tired and discouraged. They're looking for answers about what foods to eat - or not eat - in order to improve their health.

There is no one nutritional plan that suits every person's needs.

Our clinical nutritionist specializes in helping you to restore your ability to achieve and maintain a healthy body composition, and improve your well-being,  by customizing therapeutic food and diet plans for you. Our plans are designed according to your body's needs, the presence of food allergies, any known diagnosed conditions, and other considerations. Whether you are interested in simply learning how to improve your diet and your family's diet, or are interested in long-term personalized support, our guidance will help you integrate new, healthy solutions into your life.