Stress, Fatigue, Energy & Emotional Health in Men

As strange as it sounds, stress is actually a protector. Without some stress we would not get the adrenaline up to win races, solve problems, take exams and make changes in the world. It gives us a mechanism for dealing with threats, and the capability to fight threats or avoid them. But stress can also cause debilitating symptoms. 

Men are not immune to stress!

Stress is experienced in two ways: physically and psychologically. The more typical physical symptoms of stress in men include: Chest pain, pounding heart, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, fatigue, diminished or increased sex drive, back & neck pain, headaches, dizziness, clenched jaws and grinding teeth, indigestion and stomach cramps.

Psychological signs can include: sadness, depression, withdrawal or isolation, insomnia, mood swings, worry, restless anxiety, irritability, anger, decreased anger control, decreased productivity, job dissatisfaction, increased use of alcohol and changes in close relationships.

Keep in mind that stress is an individual experience and that symptoms are too. These signs and symptoms could be signs of disease instead of stress, so donít ignore them because you believe they are stress-related.

There are ways to reduce stress and the problems associated with it. Talk to Dr. Shalita concerning your stress levels.